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Odise Rexhaj is a director based in Salzburg, Austria. He was born in 1977 in Istog, Kosova. Since 1997 he lives and works in Austria and everywhere where the opportunity leads him.


Odise is the founder of PLISI FILM. A company which offers High End Color Grading Service for Cinema and Television.

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Odise graduated from the University of Applied Science in Salzburg where he studied Digital TV and attained a degree in film directing at the Film Academy “FAMU” in Prague.




His prime focus lies on directing feature films and documentaries but given the opportunity, he feels at home directing music videos too. Apart from working as a director, he enjoys colorgrading and working as a cinematographer.





Since 2006 he continuously working on projects with focus in Stereo 3d.

In 2008 he premiered the documentary film “Kosova, One Way Ticket to Babylon”.

The film is distributed on Amazon.

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In 1994, aged 17, he wrote his first book “Labyrinths” which was published in 1995. Two years later the book  won the prize for “best book written during the last two years in Kosova” which was awarded by the newspaper “Bota e re” in Prishtina. In the same year he finished writing the second book “Labyrinths II”.


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His professional film making career started in 1999 whith the feature film “Eagles Screech”.


Odise Rexhaj